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Sell Your Home Faster...

An Abundant Certified Pre-Market Home Inspection....


Comes with:

    A 120 Day Warranty for the seller
  • Free RecallChek on appliances for the buyer 
  • Provides a Pre-Inspected Lawn Sign to attract buyers
  • Abundant sends marketing emails to buyer's realtors inviting them to bring buyer's to your home/Listing and Open House.
  • Abundant posts your property/listing on Abundant's website with a link to your property or website.
  • Provides an attractive Full Color Report with pictures in a binder at the home for potential buyers 
  • Report comes with a Curb Appeal check list
  • Report comes with a Staging check list
  • A Walk Through Inspection with buyers to give peace of mind. 


  • Eliminates or lessens negotiating points.
  • Gives more time to make improvements with reasonably priced contractors or make repairs yourself.
  • Helps your listing/property stand out over other listings
  • Helps you to price your home/listing realistically
  • Builds trust with potential buyers
  • Enhances your open house
  • Reduces listing time/time on the market
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