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  • 90 Day Warranty
  • RecallChek
  • PreMarket Home Inspection
  • 200% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 

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Since 1974, American citizens have been protected from dangerous items in their homes by law. If a manufacturer has designed a dangerous product, they MUST recall all those items and FIX THEM FOR FREE!

The problem in the law is that most often it's up to you, the consumer, to find out whether your appliances are potential fire or safety hazards! read more

Additional Services:

Radon testing, Termites, Water analysis, Mold air quality test.


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Simone explaining the Inspection ReportAbundant offers a full range of home inspection services. During our Premiere Home Inspection, over 500 items are examined with the results presented in a detailed report with pictures.

The inspection includes: the Exterior, the Interior, the Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Roofing Systems.  Also, Building Structure, Crawlspaces and Attic are inspected. Plus Carbon Monoxide Testing at no additional cost to you. Your detailed Report will also include digital pictures of major systems and be presented in the Abundant Home Inspections’ Binder which includes; a Final Walk-Through Check List and a Home Maintenance manual as free gifts for you.

Click the links below to view a sample report and our inspection agreement. For an additional fee, inspecting for termites, testing for radon, air quality for mold and water analysis can be performed upon request.

Abundant Offers 

 1. A 200% Money Back Guarantee -  At the end of the inspection, If you are not satisfied that you received a thorough home inspection, as per the ASHI standards of practice, we will return your payment.  We will also pay for an ASHI inspector of your choice to perform another inspection. Conditions: You must be present during the entire inspection. Cost of the 2nd inspection may not exceed the cost of our inspection and the 2nd inspector must be a certified member of ASHI and licensed in Philadelphia or the state in which your inspection was performed.

2. Free 90Day Warranty - Standing out from other inspection companies Abundant offers a Limited 90 DAY WARRANTY that will cover the homes structure and major appliances 90 days from the date of inspection.  The warranty is included with every inspection at NO cost to you.

3. RecallChek - This is an appliance protection program by which we enter the make and model numbers of the major appliance at the property into our system and are able to warn you of any recalls.  The report is emailed directly to you within 48 hours. In the event of a potential recall, the report will specify the nature of the recall, where the product was sold, how to remedy the defect, and how to get the item repaired or replaced -- in most cases, absolutely free.

4. Certified Pre-Market (Seller) Inspection - Your buyer “IS” going to hire a home inspector.  Wouldn’t you prefer NOT to be surprised at the last minute?  More sellers are choosing home inspections before putting their house on the market.  By having an inspection you, the seller, can address any negative findings before showing your house to prospective buyers.  Early correction of any defects, safety issues or areas of concern for a buyer will increase your home’s appeal and selling price.  The Abundant Certified Pre-Marketing Inspection System can save you thousands of dollars by getting your house off the market faster.  Benefits of Abundant's Certified Pre-Market Inspection System.

5. New Construction Inspection - It is tempting to assume that new construction is synonymous with sound construction, but that's not always the case. Do your  homework. Investigate the builder, evaluate the location, get a thorough inspection done by Abundant Home Inspection Services and negotiate for the upgrades you want.  Schedule your Inspection Online Now

6. Builder's Warranty New Home (First Year Inspection) - Many homebuyers believe that a brand new home has no defects. But even the best homebuilders make mistakes.  Abundant Home Inspection Services will document construction defects before your 12 month builder's warranty expires. We will provide a detailed report with a summary of major defects to be corrected before your warranty runs.

9. Home Improvement Inspection - Helps homeowner prioritize repairs and upgrades. Protects homeowner from unnecessary expenses and upgrades.  OR Inspection for a homeowner that hired a contractor that did unprofessional or incomplete work and now the homeowner needs an expert opinion to get their money back.