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Why invest in an Abundant Home Inspection?

Buying a home will most likely be the largest investment a person will make in a lifetime. There are many steps to purchasing a home. One of the Most Important Steps is The Home Inspection. While a property can appear in perfect condition at first look, too often problems appear after the sale. An Abundant Home Inspection will reveal the true condition of the property before the sale. With an Abundant Home Inspection, you, the potential home buyer and seller alike, can now make an informed practical decision about the purchase, sale or remodeling of your home. Abundant Offers:

1. ASHI Certified Inspectors - With Abundant you not only get a highly trained, experienced and qualified home inspector, you also get an inspection performed with advanced technology and powerful tools.  Moisture meters are used to helps determine if that brown stain is active or just needs a paint job.  Laser Thermometer helps determine temperatures from heat and air conditioning registers and temperatures behind walls around ductwork.  A Gas detector is used to test for unexpected gas leaks.  While the Carbon Monoxide Sniffer measures levels of carbon monoxide from heating equipment and appliance before they reach “life threatening” levels. This technology can literally save lives and save you, the buyer and seller, thousands of dollars. 

2 200% Money Back Guarantee -  At the end of the inspection, If you are not satisfied that you received a thorough home inspection we will return your payment.  We will also pay for an ASHI inspector of your choice to perform another inspection. Conditions: You must be present during the entire inspections. Cost of the 2nd inspection may not exceed the cost of our inspection and the 2nd inspector must be a member of ASHI and licensed in Philadelphia or the city/state where the inspection was performed.

3. FREE 90 Day Warranty - Standing out from other inspection companies Abundant offers a Limited 90 DAY WARRANTY covers all major components of the home for 90 days after the date of inspection or 22 days after closing, whichever comes later. There is NO DEDUCTIBLE for our client to pay.  The warranty is included with every inspection at NO cost to you and will work in conjunction with other warranties.

4.  RecallChek -This is an appliance protection program by which we enter the make and model numbers of the major appliance at the property including the furnace/boiler and water heater, into our system and are able to warn you of any recalls.  The report is emailed directly to you within 48 hours. In the event of a potential recall, the report will specify the nature of the recall, where the product was sold, how to remedy the defect, and how to get the item repaired or replaced -- in most cases, absolutely free.

5. Thorough Detailed Inspections At Abundant we do not schedule inspections two hours apart and rush your inspection.  Our typical inspection is 2 ½ to 3 hours (longer for high end homes).  The exterior, interior, roof to the foundation, over 500 items are inspected.  We take whatever time is needed to answer all your questions and complete your inspection. 

6. Inspection Report Delivered On Site( add 30-45 minutes to inspection)  Your Abundant inspector can be equipped with a digital camera and portable printer to deliver your computer generated  report on site if requested and email it to your realtor (when applicable). sample report

7. Abundant provides Pre and Post Inspection Consultations - Before, during or after your inspection you may have questions. We are available to answer your questions and give you peace of mind. Once you are our client we become "Your Personal Building Consultants for Life." 

8. Fair and Competitive Pricing$$$ - Abundant is NOT a “budget” inspection company.  Our prices are competitive with other “Qualified” Licensed and ASHI Certified companies.  Prices are based on the size and age of the home. But more importantly reflect the experience and attention to detail given at every inspection.

9. Lockbox Key Access - At Abundant, we can let ourselves in. No need to stress yourself coordinating access for your home inspection. As a member of Suburban West Realtors Association and Montgomery County Association of Realtors Abundant has Supra lockbox keys which makes it easy for us to gain access to the property at times convenient to you.  

10. Abundant Receives Rave Reviews Read Testimonials